Tuesday 26 May 2020

80 Not Out80 Not Out by Dickie Bird
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When you read a book where Dickie Bird is praising Bob Paisley, saying how humble a man the Scouser was, you know you have something special in your hand.
This book is a running commentary on how to stay humble even when people know you, recognize you and clamour for your autograph.
It also acts as a guide for people looking for ways to stay humble, even after receiving truckload of honors, including a couple from Her Majesty.
It can also serve as a textbook for those looking to keep their feet firmly on the ground, after coming to know that they have been appointed the President of World famous county cricket club.
It should be regularly given to sport stars(the ones with super inflated ego, basically each one of them) so that they may remember how to lead a “normal” life.
It should also be given to budding writers, to realize that a great book can be written by using common words, phrases, sentences etc.

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