Thursday 6 March 2014

Lupita and Barkhad

Lupita Nyong'o and Barkhad Abdi, you two should thank your stars that once you decided that you are going to act in movies, you chose the more plastic world of Hollywood to work. Where anyone, just anyone no matter how they look, can become an actor. Had you decided to work here in India, where the "REAL" movies are made, there would have been stark reality waiting for you at the Gateway of India. This is what would have happened, 1. Lupita : You have been treated 'REALLY' as a slave, and if you did manage to find yourself in a movie, your screen timing would have been 12 seconds in a 12-0 minutes blockbuster. 2. Barkhad : No movies for you. Maybe you could have got yourself an ad, where the admen would have shown the world what would happen to a man if he doesnt use FAIR & HANDSOME. The cream which, had you used it, would have turned you Fair and Handsome. WELCOME TO INDIA, the place where we still know how to be RACISTS and how to DREAM of being FAIR and HANDSOME. The place where REAL movies are made with REALLY BEAUTIFUL actors.

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