Saturday 23 March 2013

You Belong To MeYou Belong To Me by Mary Higgins Clark

Have you ever read more than one MHC book before this? You have. Well then don’t bother with this one, because you will find nothing new and nothing remotely interesting in it.

What has this book got? Upper class lonely women getting whacked by upper class psycho male, while travelling on upper class ocean liners. Clichéd psychiatrist trying to solve cases which have no connection with her; clichéd philanthropist trying to hit on clichéd psychiatrist in a boring clichéd way. Plot going nowhere as a clichéd serial killer tries to find his fifth and final victim, as he talks to himself and roams the streets all alone. Why fifth shall be the final?? I have no idea. Maybe the reason was somewhere in the later part of the book but I never bothered finishing it.

Four suspects were given to us. All upper class people. It seems according to MHC only rich people kills and gets killed.
1. A handsome bachelor “great guy” philanthropist.
2. A widower psychiatrist who has secret travels to hide.
3. A dishonest lawyer who has secrets to hide.
4. An architect who has temper and jealousy issues.

Just use the MHC formula, and you will get the murderer from this review alone. It’s no rocket science. Motive??? Well he is a serial killer in a clichéd book, so he must have had an abusive step-mother, who was bad and that’s the reason he kills women as he feels by killing them he is killing his step mother.

P.S. I bought this book. And I have another MHC still to read. I guess this is how GOD pays back for our sins!!!

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