Friday 22 February 2013

A Body In The Library

Agatha Christie

5 stars

The last time I had read this book was in the year 2006. I had bought an omnibus edition containing four Miss Marple Mysteries at the Kolkata Book fair and had thoroughly enjoyed reading each one of them.

So, while re-reading, I was well aware of the identity of the culprits, but I had forgotten the modus operandi of catching them. As a result, the experience of re-reading the book was equally exciting as it was while reading it for the first time.

There is always an added pleasure of re-reading an old book. Not only do I get to experience the book once more, it also brings back the memories associated with the time and date, when I had first read it. Although the memories might not be all rosy, but, still the sheer experience of remembering them once more is something I look forward to.

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