Monday 23 July 2012

A Morbid Taste for Bones
Ellis Peters
19.7.2012 to 23.7.2012
4/5 stars

I started reading this book after I was recommended by Goodreads. This was my first Ellis Peters mystery featuring Brother Cadfael. And, I can happily say that this won't be my last. This book can classify as a Cozy-mystery. The crime is very simple. The amount of blood and gore is almost non-existent, and the solution to the crime is pretty simple too. One doesn't have to re-read pages to get hold of the modus operandi of the killer or to understand the plot.
The protagonist, Brother Cadfael, is surely, according to me one of the best amateur detectives I have come across.  In this character we find a religious person who is not dogmatic. He believes in the Supreme Being, but also doesn't approve religious fanaticism. He is clearly skeptical about some of his fellow monks, their outward show of religious devotion and petty politics to gain power and position. He also shows his worldly attitude (before becoming a monk, he had fought in the crusades) when he approves, the romantic liaison of one of his fellow Brother. But, he believes in miracles and in powers of the Lord and doesn't question the miraculous happenings, when reported to him.
As I had earlier said, this book is a cozy mystery, set in the medieval period. The plot is devoid of any brutal scenes or gore. The motive of the killer is also very simple and deadly. The politics of the church described was very interesting to read. And, the best part according to me was the language. All through the book, I never felt that I was reading a novel set in the modern times. The language was so apt for that period, although sometimes it was hard to get through, but it was a big factor in keeping the medieval charm of the book intact.

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