Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The Perfect Murder
H.R.F. Keating
23.7.2012 to 25.7.2012
2/5 stars

The Perfect Murder by H.R.F. Keating is the first book of the series featuring Inspector Ghote of Bombay (now Mumbai C.I.D). I had always wanted to read this series, as I had been recommended about it a lot. But, after reading this book I can fairly say that I am hugely disappointed. And, I really have doubts whether I will ever read this series again.
The characters in this novel were not engrossing. Neither Inspector Ghote nor the other characters in the books. They were unreal, and somehow weren’t strong enough to hold my attention.
The plot was flimsy. For the first 120 odd pages the plot went nowhere, there were no concrete clues, or no direction in unraveling the mystery, in fact for the first half of the book I really wondered, that what was the mystery all about.
And, lastly the language. It was BAD. Maybe Keating had thought that Indians speak English in the ridiculous fashion as portrayed in the book, but today in India English is spoken as clearly and eligibly as in any English speaking country.
After I completed the book, which involved a lot of page skipping, I didn't have any concrete emotions or feelings about his book. I had problems writing this review as nothing was startlingly bad or good to remember and write about. For me this was a mediocre read. 

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