Saturday, 16 June 2012

Guilty as Sin
by Tami Hoag
8.6.2012 to 11.6.2012

Disappointment. I expected a lot of answers from this book. But I got very few. The book was not engrossing, the only reason I finished it fast, was because I skipped a lot of pages.
Just like NIGHT SINS, this book wastes a lot of pages on relationships between the protagonists. I like a crime novel which throws up a fair amount of of clues, but this book is very much lacking in that respect.
Another favorite feature of mine, is the investigation part, the legwork, the truth digging drives. Here, anyone barely searches for any kind of clue at all. It is almost after 3/4th of the book has gone by, that some real fact finding starts. And, just like the first book, the culprit reveals herself. And, also the answers to question as to why Josh was abducted, remains unanswered.

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