Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Compulsion (Alex Delaware #22)Compulsion by Jonathan Kellerman
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

“Hey stuff happens. Then it un-happens. I’m staying positive”

I had never read a Jonathan Kellerman book before. So, Compulsion was my first. And, though I won’t be searching for another book written by him eagerly, I won’t turn down one either, if I happen to encounter it.

This book featured the protagonist duo of policeman Milo Sturgis and psychiatrist Alex Delaware. The character of Sturgis reminded me of Reginald Hill’s creation Andrew Dalziel. Not only were they both fat, but Sturgis’ style of dialogues were similar too. But the character of Delaware seemed a bit bland to me. I always felt that somehow his characterization was much suited for a side-role as opposed to the leading role. But, maybe reading a few more books would open up his character more and make me think otherwise.

The plot, which is about three interconnected crimes, was neither a high-flyer nor did it make me yawn. It had its ups and downs. The starting was well paced, leading up to the double crimes, then the speed dropped, eventually to pick up again in the finishing chapters. But, don’t expect a twist, as the plot and the clues provided weren’t of the type where a twist could be introduced and made to fit in perfectly.

So, summing up, I enjoyed the book as I would do with any normal thriller, but I never felt ecstatic about it. It never promised me high hopes, so it did not leave me disappointed.

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